Alex's Photo Gallery

Last updated on January 28, 2009

Alex Halloween Costume Alex enjoying being in his cat costume

Alex in Santa Hat Alex looks cute in Rob's Santa hat

Alex opening presents April is helping Alex open presents at April's mom's house

Alex and Grandma Wheeler Alex with his Grandma Wheeler

Alex Easter photo Easter portrait photo of Alex

Alex and April Alex and April at a company picnic

alex holding a flag Alex showing his patriotism on the 4th of July!

alex and a cupcake Alex examining a cupcake during his birthday party

alex and sidney Alex playing with Sidney at his birthday party

Rob and Alex Alex is showing Daddy what he got for his birthday!

alex at the mall Alex loves the play area at the mall!

laura and alex Alex curled up with Aunt Laura

Alex and Rob on a slide After watching his brother, Alex takes a turn

alex smiling Alex is so happy that he can pull himself up!

alex eating Alex now can feed himself cheerios

alex standing Alex standing while Grandma Getty watches

alex starting to walk with help Alex starting to walk with a helping hand from April

Alex walking Alex went from wobbling to walking in a week!

alex cooking play food Alex grilling at Grandpa Stuart's house

alex with play food Alex making a run for it with his play food!

Alex dancing Alex running in the rental house

alex at park Alex playing at the park

alex and daddy Alex playing with daddy at the park

alex with Grandma Getty Alex reading with Grandma Getty

alex and Nana Alex with his Great Grandmother Wagner

alex walking Alex pulling his wooden kitty

alex halloween Alex smiling in his Halloween costume

Alex clapping Alex during a photo shoot

alex driving Alex with the play car in the basement

alex 2nd birthday photo Alex at his second birthday

alex riding at Busch Gardens Alex riding a kiddie ride at Busch Gardens

alex eating a cupcake Alex loves eating cupcakes!

alex sitting Alex sitting with a cat while visiting friends

alex with antlers Alex getting in the holiday spirit

alex bowling Alex trying bowling for the first time

alex at a gym Alex playing at a gym during a birthday party

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