Here are family pictures and events

Last updated on July 12, 2009

sleigh ride Rob and April on a sleigh ride in Leavenworth, Washington

Old West style picture Old West style picture taken in Victoria 2002

Rob April and Brian Christmas 2005 picture

Family christmas photo Christmas 2006 picture

brian and alex looking out the window Brian and Alex standing together at the window.

alex birthday party Alex's first birthday party

current family photo Family photo in our matching shirts

kids sitting together Brian now sits in real chairs, and Alex uses Brian's old one

kids playing together Both of the kids liked the play kitchen at Grandpa Stuart's house

sleeping in the Hampton Inn Trying to get the kids to go back to sleep in a motel room

April with kids Mommy with her cubs

Atlanta aquarium Thanksgiving 2007 at Atlanta Aquarium

Kid's playing with train The kids playing together with the wooden train set

Standing on a loader Daddy and Brian with Uncle Jason and cousin Ben

Brian helping Brian is helping Grandpa and Daddy!

Christmas 2007 Christmas 2007

April with the kids Mommy swinging with the kids

Daddy with kids The guys taking a picture for Mommy's birthday

Grandpa's birthday Grandpa looks silly in that hat!

Alex and Sidney playing Alex and Sidney playing

April and her dad with Alex Mommy and Alex with Grandpa Stuart

April and Brian Brian helping to frost cupcakes!

Rob and Brian Daddy and Brian at Busch Gardens

Log flume ride Us on the log flume at Busch Gardens

The Big Bad Wolf Brian actually rode The Big Bad Wolf rollercoaster

April and the kids Mommy and the kids

kids licking beaters The kids helping to make brownies

Us on the metro Taking a metro train ride to DC

Visiting the Zoo Going up to DC for a trip to the National Zoo

Halloween 2008 Halloween 2008

At Caledon park Taking a winter walk at Caledon State Park

2008 Kids holiday photo 2008 Holiday photo of the kids

Holiday 2008 Christmas 2008 Family Photo

Walk at Caledon Family walk at Caledon Park

Atlantic Beach The kids loved sandcastles at Atlantic Beach!

Shark jaws Checking out the shark jaw at the NC Aquarium

Stuarts Family photo with Grandpa Stuart's side of the family

Titan museum Rob at the Titan Missile Museum in Tucson, AZ

Titan Missile Titan II Missile

Corsair Rob and a F4U Corsair at the Pima Air Museum

Texan An AT-6 Texan at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson

SNJ April with Rob's model of a AT-6 (in Navy SNJ colors)

April with Card April with her signed card on Mother's Day

April and Kids April with the kids

Kids in ball pit April rigged a ball pit for the kids; they loved it!

luggage cart The kids are helping Daddy move luggage on a trip

Kings Dominion Visiting King's Dominion on our 15th Anniversary

Ferris Wheel Alex wasn't sure about the tall Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Brian enjoyed the Ferris Wheel

TaxiJam Brian rode the Taxi Jam Coaster 10 times! (8 foot high hill!)

Kids and Liz The kids playing cars with Aunt Liz

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