Here are items from my Navy Reserves

Last updated on July 12, 2009

Rob is currently assigned as the Executive Officer for NR CSDS 5 Det ISMERLO which is a support unit for the International SubMarine Escape and Rescue Liason Organinzation (ISMERLO), a NATO unit headquartered at Norfolk, VA. Rob was last activated in August 2005 when the Russian AS-28 PRIZ mini-sub sank off of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Most recently, Rob went to Japan and Hawaii this spring to give Submarine Escape and Rescue training to different Submarine Group Commanders.

Navy Ball Picture Rob and April at the 2005 Roanoke Navy Birthday Ball

Rob as OOD Rob as OOD on USS Alaska (SSBN 732)(BLUE)

Rob at ISMERLO Rob at the ISMERLO command center the morning of the Russian PRIZ mini sub sinking. I was the first officer in my unit to get into the command center. To my left is ITC Wies, a member of my unit, who is showing me the location of the downed sub about 2 minutes after I had arrived. The Public Affairs Officer snapped this picture; I didn't even know it was being taken. This picture ended up on the front page of the local papers.

Rob going in SRC Rob entering a Submarine Rescue Chamber (SRC) prior to a training dive to 200 feet off of Santa Catalina Island in Februrary 2006.

April at the Star Trek Experience April in her less well known military role on the USS Voyager

Navy Ball 2006 Rob and April at the 2006 Roanoke Navy Birthday Ball

Edelweiss Lodge The Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch, Germany where Rob went in June 2008 to support the NATO Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group

Linderhof Castle Linderhof Palace; one of Mad Ludwig's Bavarian Castles where he spent significant time as King of Bavaria

Linderhof fountain Rob with ET2 Sand, one of the sailors in Rob's unit who also came to Garmisch for the NATO conference

Partnachklam Gorge The Partnachklam Gorge, just outside of Garmisch

Gorge Tunnel Rob walking through the Partnacklam Gorge

Hohenschwangau Castle Hohenschwangau Castle, a castle where Mad Ludwig lived in his youth. It is across a valley from Neuchwanstein Palace

Rob at a fountain Rob at a fountain in the courtyard of Hohenschwangau Palace. We finished up our meeting a day early, and were able to go do some tourist things like this.

Neuschwanstein Castle Neuschwanstein Palace, Mad Ludwig's 'Fairytale Castle'. Ludwig never lived here, since he died prior to it's completion.

Rob and kids The kids were happy to see Daddy after a drill weekend.

Rob in Japan Rob had 3 hours for sightseeing; here is an old tall ship that had been used by the Japanese Navy for training.

Looking down from tower Rob went up to the Observation Deck of the tallest building in Yokohama; here is the same ship from above.

Hello Kitty April didn't mind ROb going to Japan because he was going to the land of Hello Kitty and could bring back lots of souvineers. Here is a Hello Kitty themed hair salon for girls.

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